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Suicide Squad was a trainwreck. I don't think anyone's really… - And the air was full of the smell of burning bridges. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Jan. 8th, 2017|04:19 am]
Suicide Squad was a trainwreck. I don't think anyone's really surprised by that.

But it could have been much better. There was the seed of a good idea buried somewhere underneath all the bad decisions.

The opening is awful and unfocused. It spends almost half the movie introducing the squad. Some stuff with Deadshot working out. Shots of Harley Quinn doing weird gymnastics. And the entire aesthetic is awful, the pinks and greens, the "edgy" style. And goddamn, the music. They're trying to ape the Guardians Of The Galaxy dysfunctional team of misfits thing, and then they go right ahead and use the exact same fucking song from Guardians Of The Galaxy.

So right off the bat, Harley Quinn should have had a Brooklyn accent. This seems obvious. I don't know why they'd pick an actress who apparently can't do one, or why they instructed her not to. It's like one of her defining characteristics and it felt wrong hearing her without it. It wasn't her.

This next point speaks more to a missed opportunity with the character in general, in all her appearances, but why the hell doesn't she ever use her psychiatry skills? She's a clinical psychiatrist. She has a doctorate. 8 years of her life. How did she go from that to little more than sex kitten? She's insane, not stupid. She should be observing everyone, picking them apart, exploiting their weaknesses. I hate the overt sexualization of her character over the last decade but if you could maybe comment on that by having her strategically use it to her advantage and then suddenly drop the pretense, become stony-faced, cold, efficient, ruthless, scary. I would have had her wear her Batman: The Animated Series jester outfit. It's still sexy without showing any skin.

Will Smith's nice guy Deadshot really didn't work for me. I like him as an actor, but I don't know if he can play a villain. And that's what Deadshot is, he's a remorseless contract killer who never misses. I would have gone with his classic origin story, where his abusive father was beating his mother when he was a child and he went and found a gun and tried to shoot his father but missed and ended up killing his brother.

Maybe also include his death wish tendencies, over the guilt.

Distill his "powers" down to the fact that he simply never misses. Make it almost preternatural. His costume usually ends up looking really stupid, so I'd base his wrist-guns on the actual WWII Sedgley glove gun, and have his mask just be a plain black military ballistic mask. Make his outfit more or less practical military/special forces.

Despite it being a fairly major departure from the comics, I think I'd actually keep the Ringu-esque version of Enchantress. I liked the creepiness and the weight it brought to her early scenes. I'd go almost full on horror for the character. Play up how ancient the entity is, describe it as being a demigod driven underground during the last ice age. The whole "The Enchantress" magic word bit could be June Moone translating an inscription in the tomb which awakens the goddess.

I'd have the movie cold open with the boardroom scene where Waller demonstrates the power of Enchantress. Make it seem mundane and grounded at first, a meeting at a government agency, low pile grey commercial carpet and conservative shoes, someone pouring coffee, lots of ums and uhs as they go over reports. Then the appropriations committee guy is all rightfully skeptical, talking about slashing Waller's budget. Then Waller has Enchantress do her thing (though I don't think I'd include the Enchantress' heart McGuffin; it muddies the waters, especially when it inexplicably ends up not working later on in the existing film). THEN Kubrick-esque cut to bold title and credits sequence with the jail and find a way to introduce all the other characters more organically instead of the "zany" title cards.

I think I'd have Enchantress serve the same role that Katana does in the existing film, to keep the criminals in line during the mission. *Then* she turns on them when June Moone loses control of the entity.

Keep Incubus as the apparent villain before Enchantress betrays them and teams up with him. Definitely keep the shot where Incubus is standing on the tracks in the subway when the train pulls into the station and he bisects it and you see from his point of view the inside of the train cars as they rush past.

Keep the villains' plan involving these ancient demigods reshaping the world, combining their magic with modern technology, but make it look way cooler, not just dumb boring blue glowy light. It should be all creepy and Giger and Akira style, and clockwork and intricate moving parts.

I wouldn't have the Joker at all, pretty much. Just a rictus grin in the shadows of his Arkham Asylum cell in flashbacks explaining Harley Quinn's origin, but that's it. Show how she became obsessed with the way his mind worked.

Yeah, could have been a good movie if DC didn't so consistently display incompetence with their cinematic universe.